Epic Fangirling- Day 2

The fangirling adventure continues.

Day 2: Right Place, Wrong Timing

We did not give up. Never say die! (parang Ginebra fans lang)

Since our fangirling was an epic fail, we decided to go to Edsa Shang where Big Bang was really staying. Together with Khar, Kimpee and with fellow VIPs Kring and Regh, I hoped that we will be able to see our idols in flesh.

We stayed at the hotel’s lobby which was mostly occupied by VIPs. While waiting for Big Bang, we tried to entertain ourselves by sharing to Regh and Kring our fangirling scene at the airport and anything that we know about Big Bang.

While we were having our Big Bang conversation, a girl suddenly approached us.

Girl [to Kimpee]:  Kuya, di ba ikaw yung kahapon?

Kimpee was startled since he really did not know who the girl was. The girl then explained that she was one of the VIPs who were waiting at Midas Hotel yesterday. She introduced herself as AC and she said to us that she, together with VIPs, has checked-in at the hotel. She was even able to see Big Bang up-close. What a lucky girl!

Another girl went to our place but it was not a VIP, this time. It was one of the hotel’s staff and she asked us for our order. Though we really do not want to order anything, we had no choice or else we might be forced to leave the lobby.  So we end up, ordering  fruit shake (which costs approximately 285.00} and coffee that has the same worth of a regular Starbucks coffee. We also bought a bread to satisfy our hunger.

We ate. We drank. But there was no any trace of Big Bang.

We were monitoring Twitter updates until we saw a photo of GD holding a beer tower. The photo has a caption of “Get Drunk”

Surprised by the photo, we immediately thought that Big Bang was somewhere near Shang to have a drink. Fueled by our emotions, all of us except Kimpee (to guard our bags) left the hotel to look for the place where GD was drinking. We went to Padis Point but unfortunately, GD and other Big Bang members were not there. Since we really did not have any idea, we just returned to the hotel.

Another moment of waiting for us.

We checked Big Bang updates on Twitter and then, we found out that Big Bang is in Tagaytay. WHAAATTT?!!! They were eating at Gerry’s Grill Tagaytay with Dara. At that moment, I wanted to run away and fly to Tagaytay because I know that place. 😦 But I just can’t. I even searched for its operating hours.

Since it was just until 12 midnight, I felt relieved. That meant they’ll return to the hotel so all we have to do is to wait.

We waited until *toot* (let’s keep it a secret until what time we’ve waited. hahaha…) but we were not able to see Big Bang. Another epic fail!

But wait there’s more(pampalubag loob)! Even if we did not see Big Bang, we were fortunate (are we really?!) to see in flesh one of the country’s most controversial political figures, Senator Manny Villar. Clap, clap!



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