All I Want For Christmas Is Her

What do you want for Christmas?

Is it a new phone? gadgets or appliances? money? or clothes and shoes? Perhaps, you want all of these material things. I admit that I also want some of these. Actually, I want to buy myself the new iPad but it is not one of my priorities so I will just delay buying it. LOL. Perhaps, next year would be the perfect time. But for now, all I want for Christmas is her.

anna and mama

I, together with the whole family, visited Mama at the cemetery. I told myself that I won’t cry. I thought I could really stop my tears from falling down but I failed. I do not want my brothers and sisters see me cry but the silence is deafening that I need to break it.

It has been almost three months since Mama passed away. I cannot say that the family has completely moved on but we’re trying. I miss Mama so much.

And now that Christmas is so near, I could not stop thinking of her and the things she used to do particularly cooking- her Spaghetti, buko/fruit salad, sopas, sotanghon, and more.

S0, dear Santa, will you grant my (impossible) wish?


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