Decide Or Else

It is difficult to make a decision. You have to weigh your options, look at the circumstances and determine the possible consequences.

When you decide, you consider a lot of factors. And when you come up with your decision, it does not necessarily mean that it is the right or the best one. It may be just favorable to you, period.

Yesterday, I have to decide if I will go to the office and ditch class or attend my class and ignore my office tasks. I chose the first option. It took me time to decide. I have to pick only one since I woke up late.

So, why did I go to the office and did not attend my class?

I do not have any valid reason for my absence in the office.
I do not want my manager to think that I am abusing my “leaves”.
I do not want to receive any deduction from my salary.
I have not yet read my assignment and written my case digests. (But this is something I can still do if I will not go to the office).

It is really hard to decide or am I just making it difficult for me?

When I asked my classmate about what happened in our class, she told us that our professor did not get our attendance and it is still possible to pass our assignments next week.

I was happy with the news and I thought I made the right decision. (But of course, I missed my prof’s lecture and that was my loss).

But what is bothering me right now and why I decided to write a blog post today is that I did not attend my Saturday class again. Yes, again! I was absent last week and today. But why?

I was not prepared. I have read our assignment but it was not enough. I won’t be able to do good in the recitation.
I want to SLEEP for I have been sleepless during the entire week.

And yes, I was able to get a good sleep but I felt I made a wrong decision.


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