The 7 Things You’ll Love About Her

“Of two sisters, one is always the watcher, one the dancer.”

She cooks. I eat.
She sweeps. I wipe.
She takes a bath for 30 minutes. I spend 5-10.
She is white. I am brown.
She is Jheng. I am Anna.
We have differences but we are sisters who love each other (so cheesy, I know!)

Today, August 7, Jheng turned 24. You may not know my sister personally but here are seven things you’ll love about her.

1. She’s cute (but that was when she was still a baby).


2. She is talented. She can sing and dance like Madonna! :))


3. She is serious with everything she does.

4. She loves eating at McDonalds (She can give you McDo GCs).
5. She smiles a lot.
6. She has a generous heart.
7. She loves her family.
Happy Birthday Jheng! We love you so much! Pakain ka ulit bukas! :))


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