How to Enjoy the Last Day of Sembreak

Today’s the last day of sembreak and it definitely means vacation’s over. I’ll miss waking up late and having breakfast at home.

I had few plans when sembreak started like going for a climb or having a drink with classmates and friends. Unfortunately, none of these happened.

Feeling frustrated, I wanted to make this sembreak’s last day a memorable one. I decided to get my grades and see if I passed or not.

So, I went to school with a worried heart and mind.

When my grade sheet was printed, I was still nervous. And when I saw my grades, I was shaking.

(Insert fast heartbeat sound effect)

I passed in most of my subjects. Yipee! I was thankful to God!

However, I still do not have grades in my Property and CrimPro subjects. I am really concerned with these two but I chose not to worry (for now).

When I left school, I felt relieved and happy. What a good way to end the sembreak!

To make this day more memorable, I rewarded myself with a cup of coffee and a donut.

Toffee Nut Latte

But happiness is more felt when you share it with friends.

I had dinner with Khar, Marj, and Badap who are always supportive of my dreams (or should I say, who always bully me?!).


Tomorrow is the first day of classes for Second Semester. I still feel nervous but I am happy that I have reached this point in law school. And this was made possible with the help of my family, friends, and above all, God.

I know there are more lessons to learn and more steps to take (more books to read and more cases to digest). So, to all law students/future lawyers, keep calm and enjoy law school. 🙂


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