An Open Letter to Our “Taken” Friends, From Your Single Friends

Dear friends who are in a relationship,

Please don’t take us, your single friends,for granted.

We are glad that you have found your special someone. We feel secured that someone is taking good care of you. We’re happy for you.

We have witnessed Day 1 of your love story – from courtship to Day Whatever when you fell in love with one another and decided to be in a relationship.

We have listened to your sweet and romantic moments. We have patiently listened to the details as to how your fairytale all started – from the first time you had eye contact with each other, that incident when your hands touched, up to that priceless moment of saying “I love you” to one another.

We were just one text or call away. When you needed someone to help you in making a birthday surprise for your partner, we were there. We used our crafting and designing skills in order for you to create that giant birthday or valentine card or a scrapbook of your photos together. We even requested your colleagues to give wishes or messages, film them and produce a short movie. We were very supportive of your relationship.

Months and years have passed. You and your partner grew fond of each other. You’ve traveled to different places, climbed mountains, tried eating exotic food and did a lot of things you haven’t done before. You have experienced life in a more exciting and interesting way. This was the journey you have been dreaming of. But this was also the journey when you started to forget that you have friends- your single friends who were always by your side.

You were IGNORING US. And that was HURTFUL.

Where were you when we felt lonely and we needed you? You were with your partner having a movie date.

Where were you when we wanted to eat out or party until dawn? You were with you partner talking about future plans like the kind of wedding ceremony you will have. Will it be a beach or a church wedding? You even reached to the point of agreeing how many children you want to have and what their names will be.

Where were you when we wanted to explore and do cliff diving or bungee jumping? You were with your partner looking at the stars and chose not to go with us because you want to experience it first with your partner.

Where were you? You we’re having good times with your partner. You were completely in love and all you want to be with is your partner.

Don’t get me wrong, my “taken” friends. We’re not being clingy. We’re not jealous. We don’t demand all of your time but don’t make us feel that we’re being ignored just because you have already found the one.

Don’t tell us that you don’t have time,because you do have plenty of it. We know your priorities have changed and we understand the situation; but don’t make us realize that we are just being considered as an option.

When your partner wasn’t available to watch your favorite film, whom did you call and invite to your house or to the movie theater? Definitely, your single friends. But what hurt the most was when miraculously, your partner became free for your movie date, and then without batting an eyelash, you cancelled our supposed bonding. That was totally rude. But of course, we tried to understand.

When you and your partner had petty or huge fights, whose shoulders did you cry on? You went to us and narrated about how you yelled at one another and argued over an issue. We listened. We gave pieces of advice. We comforted you. We told you that it’s okay and it’s part of being in a relationship. We’ve spent some time together while you and your partner still haven’t reconciled. But when the issue was over and you’re back into each other’s arms, you began forgetting us again.

We don’t envy you because you’re already taken. We know our time will also come and we’ll meet our significant other. Again, let us emphasize that we are happy for you and we know our limits as friends. We don’t possess you. We don’t own you. But don’t let your relationship change our friendship.

Your Single Friends


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