Reminisce Your “Tanga” Moments With These Quotes From English Only, Please

You’re beautiful and smart. But once in your life, you’ve become the person called TANGA – stupid or foolish just like Tere Madlansacay in the movie English Only, Please.

Photo credit: English Only, Please Facebook Page
Photo credit: English Only, Please Facebook Page

“English Only, Please”, a Dan Villegas film starring Jennylyn Mercado (Tere) and Derek Ramsay (Julian), is a story of two fools for love. This is the movie people who have been tanga or still tatanga-tanga can relate to. So, Tanga 1, Tanga 2 and all tangas out there, let me share a few quotes from the said movie. And yes, you may have already heard these lines or even said them to yourself.

1. Mahal mo nga, e mahal ka ba?
English Translation: You love him, but does he love you back?
Unrequited love, one-sided love. Whatever you call it. This kind of love exists. It’s painful and pathetic but you keep on loving that person even if he or she does not feel the same way.

Why? Dahil tanga at martyr ka.

2. Pinapatawad na kita kahit di ka humihingi ng tawad sa akin.
English Translation: I’ve already forgiven you even if you haven’t asked for it [forgiveness].
Couples fight. It’s normal. But even if it’s not your fault, sometimes you just let it pass and forgive your partner.

Why? Dahil miss mo na siya and you can’t live without him/her.

3. Wala namang magbibilang kung ilang beses ka nagpakatanga di ba?
English Translation: No one will count how many times you’ve been foolish, right?
You’re convincing yourself that it’s okay to be fool for love and this is one of the reasons.

Why? Just love. No regrets kahit nagiging tanga ka na. Walang magbibilang. Hindi ‘to eleksyon.

4. Kumokota ka na sa pagkatanga sa pagibig.
English Translation: You have already reached your limit for being fool for love. 
According to Ricky Lee, “may kota ang pag-ibig, sa limang umiibig isa lang ang magiging masaya.” Love has its quota and so does foolishness/stupidity. But you ignore it. You don’t mind.

Why? Dahil para sa’yo, unlimited ang pagkatanga sa pag-ibig.

5.  Mahal kita. Okay. Pero slight lang. Yata.
English Translation: I love you. Okay. But slight only. Maybe.
It doesn’t matter if that person loves you too little. What counts is that he says he loves you and you’re fine with it.

Why? Dahil favorite song mo ang Kahit Konting Pagtingin. Sabi nga ni Ric Segreto, “Kahit konting pagtingin kung manggagaling sa’yo ay labis ko nang ligaya dahil sa ikaw ay mahal ko.”

6. Ngayon lang ako nagmahal nang ganito. Ngayon lang.
English Translation: It’s only now that I’ve loved like this. Only now.
Your foolish heart is madly in love with someone.

Why? Dahil masarap ang magmahal. 

Do you have other favorite quotes from the movie English Only, Please?
Feel free to share them below!

English Only, Please is now showing in cinemas nationwide. Kita kits sa sinehan, beh!


10 thoughts on “Reminisce Your “Tanga” Moments With These Quotes From English Only, Please

  1. Reblogged this on The Fortress and commented:
    Got just watched this on the theaters kanina. Super relate ako dito kanina. ang daming hugot. nakaka tawa. Sadly parang hindi sya napromote sa TV but ang ganda ng story. Bitin pa nga. Magandang panuorin to with an ice cream HAHA. 🙂

      1. “Darating din yung tao na di ka iiwan. Siyempre magkakamali ka at mag-aaway kayo pero nandiyan lang siya para sayo.” 🙂

        Nice articles. Keep it up! 🙂

      2. Thank you! 🙂 Actually nagtake down notes ako habang nanood haha. Kasi alam ko may mga hugot lines sa movie. Hindi ko masyadong naaalala ung exact words pero bet ko yung “Ikaw yung tamang tao na pwede akong magpakatanga.”

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