8 Types Of Law Students You’ll Meet On Social Media

Sharing my second post on Thought Catalog. 🙂

Thought Catalog

The Paper ChaseThe Paper Chase

1. The “I Post Everything About Law School” Student

This student treats social media as a digital diary of his law school journey – from Day 1 until the end of semester. He regularly updates his Facebook status and shares his feelings before and after taking an exam. He rants on Twitter and tells how difficult law school is. And using his Instagram, he posts photos of his books, highlighters, and other school materials. His usual hashtags include #lawschool, #lawschoolproblems, #lawschoollife, #lawschoolexams, and #lawschooldiaries.

2. The OOTD Girl/Guy

“Stressed. Depressed. But Well Dressed.” This student is aware of the stress that law school can bring, but she doesn’t mind. She makes sure that even she has been deprived of sleep or burdened with lots of cases to read and digest, she still looks gorgeous and fashionable. She wants to look her best at all times. She uses…

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