7 Reasons Why I Don’t Like Getting Sick

1. I don’t have health insurance.
My father has scolded me several times about thisBut what can I do? I still have to wait.

2. My work is affected- a lot!

3. I have to spend some money and buy medicines.

4. I can’t eat sweets and drink coffee.

5. I feel weak and useless. 

6. I get paranoid.

7. It’s painful!
I even cried. 



First on the Last

It’s the last day of the month but it’s the first night of our summer workout.

This is it pancit! After several months of just eating (or should I say lamon?) and sitting eight hours or more in the office, it’s time to run, sweat, and burn calories. And here are some pictures on our first day.

Tired Feet
Tired Feet #Day1
Miracles doing her routine
Miracles doing her routine
Joan, my We-Can-Do-It sister
Joan, my We-Can-Do-It sister
It's written all over her face.
It’s written all over her face.

Looking forward to more running nights with Joan and Miracles. We can do this, guys! 🙂