10 “Firsts” In A Law Student’s Life

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There’s always a first time and this is especially true in law school.

1. First Time You’re Asked, “Why Law School? Why Do You Want to Be a Lawyer?”

It’s the first day of the class and expect that your professor will be asking this simple yet powerful question. You are required to give the reason(s) why you entered law school and why you want to become a lawyer, whether it’s your childhood dream, or your parents’ ambition for you.

2. First Court Visit.

Walking into the courtroom is an exceptional experience. Observing a legal procedure that you have been studying is a priceless memory.

3. The First Time You Look at your Professor and Realize You Like This Person.

Yes, law school is supposed to be serious especially if you have strict professors. But not all law school professors are like that or should I say, scary. There…

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How to Enjoy the Last Day of Sembreak

Today’s the last day of sembreak and it definitely means vacation’s over. I’ll miss waking up late and having breakfast at home.

I had few plans when sembreak started like going for a climb or having a drink with classmates and friends. Unfortunately, none of these happened.

Feeling frustrated, I wanted to make this sembreak’s last day a memorable one. I decided to get my grades and see if I passed or not.

So, I went to school with a worried heart and mind.

When my grade sheet was printed, I was still nervous. And when I saw my grades, I was shaking.

(Insert fast heartbeat sound effect)

I passed in most of my subjects. Yipee! I was thankful to God!

However, I still do not have grades in my Property and CrimPro subjects. I am really concerned with these two but I chose not to worry (for now).

When I left school, I felt relieved and happy. What a good way to end the sembreak!

To make this day more memorable, I rewarded myself with a cup of coffee and a donut.

Toffee Nut Latte

But happiness is more felt when you share it with friends.

I had dinner with Khar, Marj, and Badap who are always supportive of my dreams (or should I say, who always bully me?!).


Tomorrow is the first day of classes for Second Semester. I still feel nervous but I am happy that I have reached this point in law school. And this was made possible with the help of my family, friends, and above all, God.

I know there are more lessons to learn and more steps to take (more books to read and more cases to digest). So, to all law students/future lawyers, keep calm and enjoy law school. 🙂


SevenSEVEN. This was the number of points I badly needed to pass the midterm exam in CrimPro.

If I have just correctly answered that True or False question (worth 5 points) and that one multiple choice item (worth 2 points), I would have made it to 75.

Sad but I’m not losing hope though. Need to study better for the finals!

I’m Right That I’m Wrong

Do you check your notes after taking an exam to know if your answers are wrong or right? Well, I do and it makes me frustrated.

Frustrated because I am not getting a perfect score. LOL!

Kidding aside, I am worried if my answers are enough to get a passing score. But worrying won’t do any good. So, all I can do is to wait, stop worrying, pray, and be more focused for the remaining exams.

Tell God your needs.
Pray about everything.