GUARANTEED: 3 Things God Promises You

Disneyland is not the happiest place on Earth, it is The Feast.

The Feast is not a theme park or a recreational area; it is a weekly prayer gathering of the Light of Jesus family held at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) and in other parts of the country.

It was in July 2011 when I first attended The Feast PICC, after my partner Ayen persistently invited me. I am glad that she did not give up on doing it despite my excuses because since the day I attended The Feast, I felt more blessed and closer to God. Thanks Partner!

“A faith worth having is a faith worth sharing.”

Now that I’ll be on my second year as a regular attendee of The Feast, I want to share and spread the joy and blessings that The Feast shares with me.

The first talk series for 2013 is entitled Guaranteed: 3 Things God Promises You.

I am currently attending the 4th session, led by Bro. Alvin Barcelona. The morning sessions are led by Bro. Bo Sanchez. For this series, it was divided into 3 talks namely Supply, Solutions, and Significance.

Talk 1: Supply
January 6, 2013

Talk 1 is all about knowing your dream and what drives you to achieve this dream.

Bro. Alvin asked, “Where is your dream coming from? Is it from pride or from purpose? 

He emphasized that if your dream comes from pride, you can lower it down. But there are also dreams that come from a purpose. And if it is a God-ordained purpose, resources will be provided. God will give you seeds and let them grow. Dream and God will cover the difference.

This talk reminded me of my dream to become a lawyer. I have asked myself what’s the reason why I am studying Law and why do I want to be a lawyer. Is it just because of pride, that I want to have a career and improve my status in the society? Or is it really because I have a noble reason, that I want to bring justice, protect people, and support the truth?

There had been times that  I thought of becoming a lawyer because I know it is a high-paying job. But then, I remembered the real reason why I want to become one. I want to protect my family, my fellowmen, and the country.

Talk 2:Solutions
January 13, 2013

Bro. Alvin discussed the different types of solutions in Talk 2. These are the following:

  • Passive Solution. You do nothing and this does not work.
  • Forced Solution. Out of arrogance. This is dangerous.
  • Purpose. You focus on the prize, your dream.

Talk 2 was all about how God wants you to be part of the solution. God is more interested in your development.

In achieving your dreams, expect that delays happen but you have to be stronger. Fight the good fight. Press on. Finish the race. God is interested in growing your character.

Talk 2 has made me realize that I should be stronger everyday. If I really want to be a lawyer, I have to accept all the challenges, face the obstacles, solve the problems, and focus on my goals.

Talk 3: Significance
January 20, 2013

The final talk for this series can be summarized in a sentence and that is “I want success but I need significance.”

Success is achieving your dreams. Significance is helping others achieve their dreams. Significance means “Come Here” and not “Go Here”.

Bro. Alvin told us to fill our dreams and others’ dreams. But before we help others reach their dreams, we must first achieve our own. We can’t give what we do not have.

Life is not just about success; it also means significance. Your success, my success, our success would be nothing and useless if we live an empty life. We have to live a life of significance, helping ourselves and others.

Supply, Solutions, and Significance. These are the 3 things that God promises you. God will provide you supply so that you will be part of the solution and have a life of significance. You are 100% guaranteed!

“Welcome to The Feast!”

These coming Sundays, attend The Feast PICC with your family and friends and experience how it feels to be in the happiest place on Earth.