Help A Child For 20 Pesos A Day

What can you buy with 20 pesos nowadays?

Hanggang Saan Aabot ang 20 pesos mo?

If you have a sweet tooth and you want to satisfy your cravings, you can have a creamy ice cream in a crispy cone with a rich caramel tip.

Animal Print Earrings

If you are a fashionista, you can buy animal print earrings or a Chinese print mirror.

Year of the Snake

Or if you want your things organized, you can purchase a snakeskin print pouch for your pens, markers, pencils, and the like.

With just 20 pesos, you can buy these material things that can satisfy your hunger, make you prettier, or help you arrange your personal items. Cool, isn’t it? But actually, the true worth of 20 pesos is more than these. For 20 pesos a day, you can now send a child to school and help him achieve his dreams.

Sponsor a child through World Vision.

World Vision Philippines
World Vision Philippines

World Vision is a  Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice.  

One of its programs is Child Sponsorship.  With your 20 pesos a day or 600 pesos per month, you can help a child get education, livelihood assistance, health care, and more.

Be a Child Sponsor

Small amount of money,a big difference.

If you want to be a blessing to others and make a lasting difference for a child, sign up and sponsor a child now. I’m glad that I did it. 🙂

To know more about Child Sponsorhip, please visit

“You crown the year with your goodness and your paths drip with abundance.”
– Psalm 65:11